LED Strip Lights



Applications: Under cabinet lights Flexible strip ...

5050 Solderless Connectors

Solderless connectors for flexible 5050 LED strips

Inline LV Dimmer

This small and economical RF Dimmer has a very small ...

Terminal Block Connector

Block connectors for multiple wire connections

RGBW Solderless Connector

Adds length for flexible LED strips

3528 Solderless Connectors

Add wire lead or connect flexible LED strips without ...

SC2 Solderless Connectors

SC2 - Connector with wire lead 15cm (6") Single end ...

SC3 3528 Solderless Connectors

SC3 - Corner Connector with wire in middle 15cm (6"). ...

SC4 3528 Solderless Corner Connectors

SC4 solderless 90° corner snap connector. A 90 degree ...

SC1 3528 Solderless Connectors

SC1 Solderless connectors for 3528 flexible LED strip

Dimmable 96W LED Power Supply

Hardwire LED driver has 24V output voltage and maximum 96W ...

120V Dimmer

Single pole decorator dimmer with switch • Dims bulbs, ...

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