Strip Lighting and LED Tape for Cove and Cabinet Lighting

GBLs LED Tape and strip lighting is made for a range of applications, including, for cabinets, as display lighting, for accent lighting for mirrors and restaurants, cove lighting, highlighting and range of other indoor and outdoor light applications.. Our offering includes indoor LED tape in both standard and high brightness, a full outdoor LED strip light line in both single color and RGB colour changing. We also manufacture a line of rigid LED light bars including our inter-connectable led light, white balance linear bars that you can control the colour temperature from a warm 2600K up to a 6500K Cool Temperature, and finally our super bright RGB Bars. There are many reasons to use LED, but a few that stand out are they emit little to no heat, last +50,000 hours, are solid state and use little electricity.

Indoor LED Strip Lighting (LED Tape)

LED Strip Light Canada

GBLs Low Voltage Strip lighting (also known as LED Tape, LED Ribbon) has been utilized accross Canada and the United States in a number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, retail locations and homes, because of there ease of use (it's 12V strip lighting) customibility because they can be cut to spec on location, and because of its proven long term performance and competitive price.

GBL's most popular LED tape draws a bit less then 5 Watts per meter (1.5Watts/per foot) is stocked in a Warm White (Soft White), Cool White + others. The 12V strip light is dimmable (On line voltage or Low Voltage side) and available in 3M (10'), 5M (16.5') and 25M rolls.

Check out our popular LED Tape here.. LED Strip lighting

Super Bright LED Strip

Bright 5050 LED Tape Vancouver

After years of qulity improvements, GBL has recently been able to offer a super bright LED tape option, at over 11 watts per Meter (3.25watts per foot), at 12VDC, stocked in 5 Meter lengths with a white PCB coating that is cULus listed and stocked in Vancouver, BC Canada. The bright choice for task lighting projects.

Check out the 5050 LED strip lighting here.. GBLs Super Bright LED Tape

RGB LED Strip lighting (Colour Changing LED tape)

RGB Flexible LED Strip

Popular for window displays, Nightclubs and Restaurants our RGB LED Tape draws 7.2 Watts/Meter and is stocked in 5M or 25M (82.5') lengths. We stock a variety of RGB Controllers that you can use with presets or customizable color control options. cULus Listed at 12VDC.

. These Flexible RGB Lights are great for bringing colour to events and custom projects.

Check out GBLs Indoor RGB Colour Changing Strip here.. RGB Strip Light

Outdoor RGB and Single Color Flexible LED Strip

Outdoor LED Strip Light BC Canada

At GBL LED, we stock outdoor Flexible LED strips in both single colour and in RGB colour changing for use in wet locations. Our Single Colour is stocked in both 3M and 5M lengths, while our RGB is stocked in 10M (33') size. Both versions have connectors on both sides for easy inter-connectability. They draw the same power as there indoor counterparts but are fully sealed in water tight jackets for use in landscape projects, backlighting signage and other outdoor applications.

Check out our LED Outdoor Strip lighting here.. Outdoor flexible LED

Linear light bar (LL3-ADJ-27 LED)

Connectable LED Bar Vancouver Canada

This 12" light bar has 27 LEDs built onto an alluminum channel that can be connected from one to the next. Stocked in Warm White 3000K or White 5000K light, each package includes a cETLus listed LED Light with a 12" connector with wire lead and 2 flat flush mount installation clips Seperate accessories are available including jumper connectors and adjustable installation clips in case you want to direct the light in either 45 degree angles. Each 12" light draws 2.7 Watts and requires 12VDC to operate, check out our dimmers and LED Power supplies on the Accessories page

Further info on our Connectible Linear LED light bar can be found here.. Aluminum LED Light Stocked in Vancouver

Warm to White Light Balance (White LED Light Balance Control)

Adjustable White LED Light Control Toronto, Canada

With the Newest in LED technolgy, you can now control the colour temperature of your lighting design with a simple control. These Linear LED light bars have a custom LED chip that has both a Warm White 2600K and Cool White 6500K Diode built in the same package together. You can now adjust the whiteness of your project with our white balance LED controller. This is a 3 wire system that works at 12VDC. Each light is Manufactured in 20" and 40" lengths and have connectors on both sides so that you can connect from one to the next. Custom lengths available, contact us for further information.

Check out The White balance Linear light bar here.. GBLs Controllable rigid White LED Strip

Rigid RGB Light Bar (RGB Colour Changing Wash)

RGB Linear Bar washer BC Canada

Our brightest RGB colour changing light bar available. Stocked in 50cm (20") and 1 meter (40") lengths with a connector on both sides. Super bright with very crisp colors also running at 12VDC that needs a RGB controller so that you can choose which color you want or go with sequenced colour changing options. Great for LED wall washing, nightclubs, restaurants to flood out areas with your choice of colour for the mood your trying to effect.

See the info on GBLs RGB Colour changing light bar here.. RGB Wall Washer Canada, click here

Flexible LED Strip lighting and RGB Colour Changing Installations

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